Honeyswap Documentation

Welcome! Honeyswap is a 1:1 deployment of Uniswap V2 on the xDai network with no additional changes. If you are new to the Honey ecosystem or to xDai, check out our FAQ first.

The pages that follow contain comprehensive documentation of the Uniswap V2 ecosystem. If you are new to Uniswap, you might want to check out the Protocol Overview.

For a high-level overview of Uniswap V2, see the introductory blog post.

Getting Started

Explore the sidebar to find more specific documentation covering other aspects of the protocol.

The Honeyswap codebase is comprised of forks of open source Uniswap V2 components.

Reference materials

Get to know the Uniswap SDK and smart contract API objects, methods, attributes, and responses.