1Hive and Honey

1Hive is a decentralized autonomous organization, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. This website is maintained independently by 1hive community members as a helpful resource.

1hive is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that issues and distributes a digital currency called Honey.

What is a DAO?

DAOs are cybernetic super-organisms… or more simply, coordination protocols which enable humans to work together towards a common goal by regulating interactions through rules defined in software.

If someone claims to represent a DAO, they are either lying or they are confused. DAOs are unique because they put automation at the center and humans at the edges. There is no CEO, nor managers. Administration, where it must exist is viewed as a design flaw and ruthlessly minimized.

While centralized administration is a powerful and flexible means to scale human coordination. The advent of decentralized ledgers like Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown how disruptive, powerful, and resilient sufficiently decentralized coordination protocols can be. DAOs do not replace companies, instead they alter the economic landscape by creating novel markets and opportunities which individuals and companies can participate in.

In the case of the 1hive DAO, a community currency called Honey is used to create a circular economy where public goods and investments which grow the 1hive economy can be collectively funded with conviction voting.

Why Honey?

Because honey is money. Seriously.

Issuing a digital currency allows a distributed digital community like 1hive to build an economy around a set of shared values.

Holding a specific currency is a bet on the future growth of that economy. The more people who hold the currency, the more people who will have interest in participating and growing the economy.

Each community may adopt different social norms, and may use different issuance and distribution policies to allocate shared resources. The most effective communities will thrive and grow, competing for the attention and loyalty of individuals. Choosing to hold a specific currency will evolve beyond just a financial decision into a political and social one as well.

This type of competition is good for everyone, and should hopefully lead to a future that is more free, fair, open, and humane.

Getting Started

1hive is an open community, you do not need to ask permission to join or become a member. If you see something you think should be improved, you can make a proposal to get honey and make it happen.

You can also earn honey simply by participating in the community on github, discord, and discourse (see Pollen), by registering and claiming honey via the BrightId faucet, or by providing liquidity on honeyswap and depositing your LP tokens into the honeycomb. While we encourage people to take initiative as individuals, we also like to work together. Self-organizing “swarms” have formed around specific projects (e.g. honeyswap, celeste, gardens), or work areas (e.g. design, communications, engineering). If you’re new to 1hive and want to contribute a good way to start is to find a swarm that interests you and ask how you might help.